Mega Cookie Birthday Cake

It”s a Party in your mouth!

All the fun, none of the guilt!
Packed with milk chocolate, white chocolate, gold chocolate and oodles of sprinkles this cookie is a Birthday Party in your mouth – enjoy with a glass of milk!
Our Mega Cookies are all lovingly hand made in small batches to maintain quality and ensure the perfect cookie every single time.
Using premium Norwegian flour, butter and free range eggs, complimented with the finest quality Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut, Master Chocolatiers since 1922.
Each 100 gcookie is hand mixed and shaped before being frozen.
Once fully frozen they are baked to order using our special method to ensure a crisp outside and a deeply gooey, soft, delicious core.

Best enjoyed on the day of purchase, but can also be stored for 3-4 days in the fridge. Allow to come back to room temperature before eating, or warm gently and enjoy with a glass of milk.

Birthday Cake Mega Cookie

How to order

Ordering for pick-up

If you need some cookies quick just give us a call (4664 8003) and 30min later you can have fresh cookies ready and waiting!
You can also call to order ahead, or by e-mail to

Ordering for home delivery

Our home delivery partner is They offer home delivery from us Monday through Saturday, and you can combine your order with any of the other amazing local stores on their platform.
Our order link can be found here on

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