Mega Cookie Sweet Coconut

Mega Cookie Milk Chocolate And Coconut
Tropical Sweetness

Everyone knows coconut and chocolate are the very best of friends.
This cookie brings them together in harmony. Packed with tons of sweet chewy shredded coconut, and a perfect balance of creamy milk chocolate, and a little hit of dark chocolate, just to round out the flavour.
Our Mega Cookies are all lovingly hand made in small batches to maintain quality and ensure the perfect cookie every single time.
Using premium Norwegian flour, butter and free range eggs, complimented with the finest quality Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut, Master Chocolatiers since 1922.
Each cookie is hand mixed and shaped before being frozen.
Once fully frozen they are baked to order using our special method to ensure a crisp outside and a deeply gooey, soft, delicious core.

Dough to Door with Amoi

Get this delicious cookie, and lots of other sweet treats, delivered to your door using Amoi home delivery.


Pick up your sweet treats yourself by ordering in our webshop and choosing what day you want to pick-up.

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