Triple Choc Brownie

Triple Choc Brownie
Never enough chocolate!

Who can resist a bit of brownie?
Our hand made brownies have been baked by Dave for over 20 years, a firm afternoon favourite for him and his best friend Alex. Our brownies pack a deep and indulgent chocolate flavour, using unprocessed cocoa and lots of the very finest Belgian Chocolate.

Each brownie is an 18cm round, weighing around 600g and can be served as it is, chilled for a more chewy bite, or warmed up and served with ice-cream as a desert.

With milk, dark and white chocolate – this is a chocolate lovers dream.

Dough to Door with Amoi

Get this delicious cookie, and lots of other sweet treats, delivered to your door using Amoi home delivery.


Pick up your sweet treats yourself by ordering in our webshop and choosing what day you want to pick-up.

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