Triple Choc Brownie

Never enough chocolate!

Who can resist a bit of brownie?
Our hand made brownies have been baked by Dave for over 20 years, a firm afternoon favourite for him and his best friend Alex. Our brownies pack a deep and indulgent chocolate flavour, using unprocessed cocoa and lots of the very finest Belgian Chocolate.

Each brownie is an 18cm round, weighing around 600g and can be served as it is, chilled for a more chewy bite, or warmed up and served with ice-cream as a desert.

With milk, dark and white chocolate – this is a chocolate lovers dream.

Triple Choc Brownie

How to order

Ordering for pick-up

We can normally have brownies ready within a couple of hours just give us a call (4664 8003) and check what we have ready.
You can also call to order ahead, or by e-mail to

Ordering for home delivery

Our home delivery partner is They offer home delivery from us Monday through Saturday, and you can combine your order with any of the other amazing local stores on their platform.
Our order link can be found here on

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